Context-aware User Modeling and Recommender System

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报告题目 Context-aware User Modeling and  

               Recommender System



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     The importance of contextual information has been recognized by researchers and practitioners in many disciplines, including e-commerce personalization , information retrieval, ubiquitous and mobile computing, data mining, marketing, and management. While a substantial amount of research has already been performed in the area of recommender systems, most traditional approaches focus on recommending the most relevant items to users without taking into account any additional contextual information,such as time, location, weather and mood, due to the difficult accessibility of the contextual information. Fortunately, the advent of Mobile Internet makes it possible. This report first discusses the general notion of context, and how the contextual information can be collected by sensing social media (e.g., LBSNs, Twitter and Sina Weibo) and smart devices (e.g., smart mobile phone). According to the two types of sensor data, I will briefly present some frameworks of mining user behaviors and user modeling for context-aware recommendation in the cenarios of social media, mobile apps and smart home.

     阴红志博士现为澳大利亚昆士兰大学计算机与电子工程系研究员(Research Fellow)。他于2014年7月在北京大学获得计算机科学博士学位。阴红志主要研究如何为企业、科研和个人提供大数据整合、分析和应用的高效解决方案。他的主要研究领域包括用户建模和推荐系统,社会化媒体分析,时空数据挖掘,信息系统,深度学习和统计推理技术等。阴红志博士作为第一作者已经在国际顶级数据会议和期刊如ACM SIGMOD, ACM KDD, VLDB, IEEE ICDE, ACM TOIS等发表论文10余篇。他已经被邀请作为 APWEB 2015, ACM IKDD 2015, ALL DATA 2015 等国际知名数据库和数据挖掘会议的程序委员会委员。他同时也在多个顶级期刊 IEEE Transaction on Cloud Computing (TCC),ACM Transaction on Information System (TOIS), Journal of Image and Vision Computing,软件学报等任专家评审。 2014年12月阴红志博士获得中国计算机学会(CCF)优秀博士学位论文提名奖和北京大学优秀博士论文奖。



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