Integrative Network Analytics for Insights Generation from Massive Healthcare Data

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        报告题目:Integrative Network Analytics for Insights Generation

                        from Massive Healthcare Data          


        报告人:Dr. Fei Wang 

        时间:2016727 9:3




    The arrival of the Precision Medicine age brings tremendous opportunities to scientific discovery and quality improvement in medicine and healthcare. However, it also raises big challenges in dealing with large and massive healthcare data from heterogeneous sources. In this talk, I will present a computational framework called integrative network analytics to generate insights from complex healthcare data including Electronic Health Records (EHR), drug development data, genomic data, etc. I will also demonstrate how such framework can be used in computational drug discovery and personalized treatment recommendation.               



    Fei Wang is an Assistant Professor in Division of Health Informatics, Department of Healthcare Policy and Research, Cornell University. His major research interest is data analytics and its applications in health informatics. He has published more than 150 papers on top data mining and medical informatics venues. His papers have received over 3,300 citations so far. He won best student paper for ICDM 2015, best research paper nomination for ICDM 2010, Marco Romani Best paper nomination in AMIA TBI 2014, and his paper was selected into the best paper finalist in SDM 2011 and 2015. Dr. Wang is the vice chair of the KDD working group in AMIA.      


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