International Journal of Software and Informatics

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  IJSI is an international journal for publishing papers in software and broad areas of informatics. IJSI has an editorial board consisting of internationally well known experts. IJSI welcomes from all over the world original papers in all areas of Software and Informatics. IJSI will focus on theoretical foundation and practical research of software techniques; other areas of computer science will also be considered. IJSI topics will be organized partially different from those commonly appearing in other computer science publications and educational courses. Specifically, IJSI will establish dedicated sections for emerging research areas that have been recognized internationally. For the start, the topics of IJSI will include eight areas.

  * Computer software

  * Theoretical computer science

  * Network and information security

  * Formal methods

  * Artificial intelligence and pattern recognition

  * Multi-Media techniques

  * Border areas (including quantum informatics; bioinformatics; neuro-informatics; cognitive science; etc.)

  * Computer aided applications


  Each submission should be marked with the area to which it belongs. The topics are not invariant. They will be renewed with time. The targeted readers of IJSI are mainly faculties, technical staffs, and students in universities and research institutions, while readers in broader IT industry and computer application field may also be benefited.


  For the start, International Journal of Software and Informatics (IJSI) is a quarterly journal. It publishes four issues in the year. The number of issues may be increased with the increase of submissions.


  Associate Editors-in-Chief

  Prof. Barry Boehm

  University of Southern California

  E-mail: boehm(AT)


  Prof. Mingshu Li

  Institute of Software, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China

  E-mail: mingshu(AT)